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BOHO Shield is a JTP Partners company that is headquartered in New York and is dedicated to the research and development of suitable equipment and products for viral and bacterial protection. We work with many manufacturers and suppliers to develop innovative protective equipment to better help protect you and your family.


Our team spends countless hours devoted to practical research and design so that we could provide high quality, innovative products. All of our products are made with care in Korea in clean, state of the art facilities and have been tested and certified to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Through many years of research and other studies, we are aware of the anti-microbial properties of both copper and zinc. Through our own studies, we saw that the use of copper and zinc significantly inhibited the bacterial growth rate within a 24 hour period. 

Our extensive product line include face masks, face shields, films, clothing, anti-microbial adhesives and more.

Our Partners

Stay protected. Stay shielded.

BOHO Shield is a NY-based company dedicated to developing protective solutions for infection prevention. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions for both commercial and household customers. 

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30 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005

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