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BOHO Touch Door Handle Adhesive

Apply the BOHO Touch Door Handle Adhesive to door handles and door knobs to help prevent the transmission of germs. The BOHO Touch Adhesive is made of high quality canvas that immediately starts to kill germs on contact.

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Great for door knobs and handles

Easy installation and removal

No Mins

The antiviral effect is very important for the initial virus reduction rate in order to prevent infections. Airpurity Freetex has excellent initial virus reduction rates. In the general environment, human coronavirus can survive 100% after 3 hours, while 99.99% of the human coronavirus is inactivated after 1 hour on Airpurity Freetex. Airpurity Freetex has been tested for antiviral properties against the human coronavirus at the ALG Research Center in the United States.

100% virus survival rate after 1 hour on general, nontreated/non-antiviral product. 0% inactivated after 1 hour.

0.01% virus survival rate after 1 hour on Airpurity Freetex. 99.99% inactivated after 1 hour.

Non treated/Non-antiviral products

Airpurity Freetex

Non treated/Non-antiviral products

Anti-viral Performance of


Anti-viral Process of


A droplet containing a mixture of viruses and bacteria or moisture from the hand is immediately absorbed into the multi-layered pores

Antiviral and antimicrobial substances are coated in the multi-layered pores.

These destroy the cell membranes and kills viruses and bacteria.

Surface continues to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Anti-viral Test Results of


Anti-Viral 99.99%

Completed inactivation of the test virus was demonstrated based on the mean titer of the 1 hour virus control, the mean percent reduction in viral titer was ≥99.99 % and the mean log reduction in viral titer was ≥4.00 log10.


Virus : Human Coronavirus, ATCC VR-740, Strain 229E

Test Method : JIS Z 2801

Expose time (Virucidal Activity) : 1 hour

Test Lab : ALG(Minnesota, U.S.A)

Release Date : October 9th, 2020


Test Results

Virus control Results – Blank, 1 Hour Exposure

Human Coronavirus, Replicate #1= 4.50 log10

Human Coronavirus, Replicate #2= 4.50 log10

Human Coronavirus, Mean #1= 4.50 log10

Test Substance: AIRPURITY FREETEX (Lot KG1914B2)

Control Substances : Blank

Organic Soil Load : 1% Fetal Bovine Serum
Exposure Temperature: Room temperature (20.0°C)
Relative Humidity: 50%


Putting BOHO Touch to the Test


BOHO Touch Anti-bacterial Test Report


The BOHO touch adhesive is only intended for general purpose infection control practices. BOHO touch adhesives are not intended for medical use or in settings where infection risk level is high. BOHO touch adhesives do not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection and does not guarantee complete protection from bacteria and viruses. Replace or wash immediately if damaged or soiled with blood or other bodily fluids. Do not use if hypersensitive to zinc. BOHO Shield products have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental or administrative organization. BOHO Shield products are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment.  

Stay protected. Stay shielded.

BOHO Shield is a NY-based company dedicated to developing protective solutions for infection prevention. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions for both commercial and household customers. 

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