BOHO Anti-Microbial Touch Adhesive

The BOHO Anti-Microbial Touch Adhesive comes in two options - one for the phone and one for door handles to immediately reduce bacterial contamination on contact. The special porous fabric technology with zinc oxide kills microbes and is great to use while you are on the go or to be placed on door handles and other high traffic areas.



BOHO Touch Door Handle Adhesive

Apply the BOHO Touch Door Handle Adhesive to door handles and door knobs to help prevent the transmission of germs. The BOHO Touch Adhesive is made of high quality canvas that immediately starts to kill germs on contact.

Available Options



Copper ion fiber and zinc oxide nano technology coated

Dual-sided coating


BOHO Touch Phone Adhesive

Apply the BOHO Touch Phone Adhesive to the back of your mobile phone to help reduce germs and bacterial contamination.

Available Options

One size

Copper ion fiber and zinc oxide nano technology coated

Dual-sided coating



The BOHO touch adhesive is only intended for general purpose infection control practices. BOHO touch adhesives are not intended for medical use or in settings where infection risk level is high. BOHO touch adhesives do not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection and does not guarantee complete protection from bacteria and viruses. Replace or wash immediately if damaged or soiled with blood or other bodily fluids. Do not use if hypersensitive to zinc. BOHO Shield products have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental or administrative organization. BOHO Shield products are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment.