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Modern life has a number of applications for copper ranging from coins to pigments, where demand for the metal remains high, especially in industrialized nations. Copper is an essential trace element in most living organisms and is a reddish brown, nonferrous mineral which has been used for thousands of years by many cultures. Copper has also been known to have excellent anti-microbial properties, with the phenomena dating all the way back to ancient times in Egypt. 

Copper is closely related to silver and gold, with many properties being shared among these metals. However, unlike its silver and gold counterparts, copper is unique in that it has a free electron that helps it take part in oxidation-reduction reactions. Because silver and gold do not have this free electron, they are less reactive. This same property is also what makes copper a good conductor. 

How it works

So how exactly does copper kill bacteria and viruses? The ions in copper prevent cell respiration in microbes and destroys the cell membrane while creating free radicals. The free radicals accelerates the rate at which the copper kills microbes. The ions in the copper also destroy the DNA and RNA inside a bacteria or virus.

  • Excellent anti-microbial

  • Good conductor

  • Wear resistant

Characteristics of Copper

Why do we use copper ?

In 2008, copper was registered at the US Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid anti-microbial material, having approximately 400 registered copper surfaces. Copper has shown to not only be durable, but to also have anti-microbial effects that do not wear off. In several studies, it was observed that no live microorganisms were recovered from copper surfaces after prolonged incubation.




By integrating copper into into fabrics, 2 different textiles were created: Voltlon and Tblon.

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Voltlon is a fiber that is made by ionic bonding technology with acrylic fiber and copper. Voltlon has various functions such as anti-bacterial and anti-static effects from the copper which lasts permanently. While previous conductive fibers had limitations such as high price and difficulties in dyeing, Voltlon has overcome these limitations by blending with diverse types of fibers such as natural, regenerated, synthetic, and many more. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of products at a reasonable price.

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Tblon is a conductive, filament-type fiber that has outstanding durability and surface resistance. Unlike other similar products such as carbon fiber or other metal-plated fibers that are only physically welded, the chemical combination of copper with fiber in our Tblon fabrics fully integrate the copper into our fiber textiles. Because of this, Tblon textiles can be used immediately even without pre-treatment, unlike other conductive metal products. Tblon textiles are composed of nylon fibers and wears more comfortably than other types of conductive metal products out there and has outstanding anti-microbial and anti-static properties,. 

BOHO Products Incorporating Voltlon Technology + Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Technology Include

BOHO Products Incorporating Tblon Technology Include

What is



Zinc is an essential element that is found in cells throughout the human body and is also present in some foods. Zinc is important to human health in that it helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses and also aids in the production of proteins and DNA. Zinc is also known to boost immune function and aid in the metabolism process.

Zinc is well known for its antimicrobial properties however it is also known to inhibit the growth of fungi such as mold and mildew. Zinc oxide is graded as a "GRAS" (generally recognized as safe) substance by the US Food and Drug Administration and is commonly used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. 

How it works

Although the process underlying the antimicrobial effects of Zinc are not clear, it is believed that Zinc oxide nanoparticles inhibit the growth of microorganisms by permeating into the cell membrane and disrupting cell membrane activity. 

  • Excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

  • Provides strong protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation

  • Bio-safe material

Characteristics of Zinc

What is



AirPurity Freetex by Johns Media is an eco-friendly antiviral material that can be applied to new technology for deodorization and air purification. It is catalyzed by germs and odor factors that cause pathogenic bacteria and odors in the air, and inhibits germs and viruses while removing all odors, including sweat, feet, and formaldehyde from carcinogens. Air Purity Freetex absorbs and eliminates odorous molecules simultaneously. The odorous molecules are absorbed into the polymer structure subtracts by physicochemical interaction and are decomposed by reactive chemicals with oxidation.

What is



The Airpurity Crystal Antiviral Film by Johns Media is a high-clarity, clear film designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses using zinc oxide. The Zinc oxide targets bacteria and viruses by interfering with the cells' lifecycle and starts killing germs immediately upon contact. The Airpurity Crystal is scratch-resistant and shrink-resistant, and the special bubble-shaped adhesive makes for easy installation.  Compared to other antimicrobial films with copper or silver, the Airpurity Crystal has excellent transparency, flatness and hardness. 

BOHO Products Incorporating AIRPURITY CRYSTAL Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Technology Include

BOHO Products Incorporating Airpurity FREETEX Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Technology Include


BOHO Shield products are only intended for general purpose infection control practices. BOHO Shield products are not intended for medical use or in settings where infection risk level is high. BOHO products do not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection and does not guarantee complete protection from bacteria and viruses. Replace or wash immediately if product is damaged or soiled with blood or other bodily fluids. Do not use if hypersensitive to zinc. BOHO Shield products have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental or administrative organization. BOHO Shield products are not a replacement for medical-grade protective equipment. 

Stay protected. Stay shielded.

BOHO Shield is a NY-based company dedicated to developing protective solutions for infection prevention. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions for both commercial and household customers. 

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