Mission Statement


We believe that the best PPE should be provided to both healthcare workers fighting the virus at the forefront of this pandemic as well as the general public. Fortunately, many governments are focusing on the safety of medical personnel and staff. However, for the general public, there are few PPE products out there other than masks. Our hope is to develop high quality products to better serve and protect the general public and people all over the world. 

We are currently living in very uncertain times. As the world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, many are facing economic and emotional difficulties. We at BOHO believe that by bringing together our wisdom we can and will overcome this difficult challenge.

We will continue to cooperate and develop new materials and products focusing on anti-microbial protection and we sincerely hope that our small efforts at BOHO Shield will help you and your families during this difficult time.

Stay protected. Stay shielded.

BOHO Shield is a NY-based company dedicated to developing protective solutions for infection prevention. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions for both commercial and household customers. 

Head Office

30 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005